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    ASO Rates Doubt

    Emmanuel Algarin

      Hi everyone!


      I'm working in an ASO cube in Essbase. My cube is composed by 15 dimensions and I need to calculate productivity (Sales / Quantity Employees). Both are accounts and the calculation is a simple division. My issue is that as long that I'm working with ASO, the number of employees is consolidated in top levels.


      My dimensions are:


      Products (5 levels)

      Packages (3 levels)

      Combos (4 levels)

      Clients (4 levels)

      Type of Clients (3 levels)

      Geography (3 levels)


      What is happening? I have a level 0 data (2,000) and I assigned a "1" to the employee A in product X, besides I have the employee A with sales (3,000) in product Y assigned with a "1".

      Emp1 -> X = 2,000      1

      Emp1 -> Y = 3,000      1

      When I see the sum of product for employee A the sales are equal to 5,000, that it is correct. But in the case the quantity of employees is "2" but I want to see a "1" as long as it is still employee A.

      This is happening in all the possible combinations, and I don't know if its possible to formulate a member in order to count the unique employees in all possible combinations (like a NonEmpotyCount but I'm not familiar to MDX)

      I appreciate your help,