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    APEX Backup




      I am working on Oracle The use of the DB is only for APEX.

      I installed APEX in a separate table space and datafile.

      When taking a full cold backup, is it enough to backup only two datafiles:

      APEX.dbf : Where APEX was installed.

      APEX_2150521780606761.DBF: The workspace datafile.


      Or, what is the most efficient way to take  cold backup for Database that is dedicated for APEX ??


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          Mike Kutz

          For a cold backup - You need ALL data files, control files, redo files, parameter files, (and maybe a few other things...)

          Best way for a backup -- RMAN.


          You should be able to enable 'standard scripts' through the use of 'em'.  (enterprise manager)

          (BTW - these will be HOT backup -- the preferred method.)


          also .. "Database dedicated to APEX" makes no sense at all.

          Your database should be dedicated to handling ALL of your data with APEX being one-of-many applications that is installed 'in' the database.