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knowing if sessions are auditing

chijar Newbie
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Hi guys,

os: solaris 10 X86

db: RAC 11g r2



In my db I have:


audit_trail                          string      DB, EXTENDED


So, I know that audit is in ON but when I query to dba_audit_session only showed me records until the last June.

For July until now, I don't have any records refering to SESSIONS.


SQL> select OS_Username Usuario_SO,

  2    Username Usuario_Oracle, Terminal ID_Terminal,

  3    DECODE (Returncode, '0', 'Conectado', '1005', 'Fallo - Null',

  4    1017, 'Fallo', Returncode) Tipo_Suceso,

  5    TO_CHAR(Timestamp, 'DD-MM-YY HH24:MI:SS') Hora_Inicio_Sesion,

  6    TO_CHAR(Logoff_Time, 'DD-MM-YY HH24:MI:SS') Hora_Fin_Sesion


  8  where

  9  (TIMESTAMP between (to_date(to_char('01072013 18:00:00'),'ddmmyyyy HH24:MI:SS'))

10      and (to_date(to_char('30082013 23:59:00'),'ddmmyyyy HH24:MI:SS')));



no rows selected




Where can I located if audit for sessions in my databases was deactivated sice July ??

many thanks.

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    You can Query from following views to know what auditing is enable on your system






    In 11g there is option like audit/noaudit command to run after setting the parameter values.

    For more detail you can also check the doc:Verifying Security Access with Auditing



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    chijar Newbie
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    thanks for your response Dk

    but in those views I cannot view anything about AUDIT SESSIONS in the database.

    The link describes those views as:


    Describes current system privileges being audited across the system and by user


    Describes current statement auditing options across the system and by user

    and when I query to those views they show me object privileges.


    Exists another view to see records for audit session option?


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