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    Can I create multiple GS-GE in one ISA envelop?


      Hello B2B Guru,


      We are facing at challenge to meet CMS's requirements.

      In term of sending 834s to Issuer, we let B2B take care envelope. In the generated batched 834 edi file, there is one ISA, One GS - GE, in GS - GE, there are multiple ST-SEs.

      When send to CMS, we need to group ST-SE transactions with the same plan ID into one ST-SE set. Then we have multiple GS-GE under one ISA, in one 834 edi file.

      My question is does Oracle B2B support that? If it does, how can we achieve this?


      Thank you very much,

      Alena Li

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          Check below oracle Note



          Below is the transcript from the Oracle Note:



          You would need to use EDI batched messages. This is done by creating an outbound batch schedule and selecting the 834 to be batched.

          http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E14571_01/integration.1111/e10229/b2b_batch.htm#CEGDBDIA and also http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/middleware/soasuite/b2b-tu001-edi-133051.pdf


          Oracle® Fusion Middleware User's Guide for Oracle B2B

          11g Release 1 (

          Part Number E10229-10


          It is possible to have multiple ST/SE (transaction sets) in a group and multiple groups in an Envelope. By Default the envelope and group definitions (ecs file) are pre-seeded.

          There is no need to add ISA-IEA and GS-GE segments in the document definition. Adding it will create errors on runtime as B2B will automatically add ISA-IEA and GS-GE segments to the EDI message.


          B2B adds the ISA-IEA and GS-GE automatically based on the version information created for the document type. If you see the various tabs available in the EDI_X12 document version, it has all the parameters required in the ISA and GS segments. Some information like EDI Sender identifier and qualifier etc need to be added as Partner Identifiers in the Partner profile (host and partner) and added into the Agreement.



          ~Ismail M.

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            Thank you, Ismail M for answering my question. I have been using batch and group multiple ST/SE in one group and in an ISA envelop. This is what we are doing. I was wondering how to group ST/SE into separate groups, but I just suddenly understand how to do it. I will test to valid.


            Thank you,


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              Hi Alena,


              If you get this to work, then please let us know how you did it.



              Ismail M.

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                Hi Ismail,


                Sorry for replying late. We have been in go-live stage.


                In fact, there is nothing special need to do. The batch process automatically group transactions by ST/SE, GS/GE. B2B supports multiple GS/GE in one ISA envelope.


                Because GS/GE are set by B2B, so I need to specify the "GroupSenderID" explicitly in 834 xml. I am using SOA BPEL to do the mapping, so I add the following mapping code in my xslt code. Where $myGroupSenderID is a variable its values is calculated.



                        <ns1:Data-Structure Name="Interchange">

                          <ns1:Data-Structure Name="Group">

                            <ns1:Lookup Name="GroupSenderID">

                              <xsl:value-of select='$myGroupSenderID'/>


                            <ns1:Property Name="GroupID">BE</ns1:Property>

                            <ns1:Data-Structure Name="Transaction"/>





                Thank you,