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    Unifier -Smartform Template


      Hi All,

      In Unifier from where can I download a Blank Smartform Template ?




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          it can be downloaded from Company Workspace > Administration Mode > Configuration > Business processes > desired BP.  You also need to download the Smartform Plugin from the Support link.  Keep in mind that this only works in Word 2007 SP1 or earlier, as Microsoft removed XML support from Office 2007SP2



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            Marc DiNick

            As Sean stated, Smartforms only work with earlier versions of Word.  Skire, in 2012, advised us this functionality would be deprecated and we should move to Adobe LiveCyle.  And we did. LiveCycle works reasonably well with Unifier, but after pressing Oracle, I found it has a limited support window. Report development is expensive, so we are limiting our exposure to LiveCycle too awaiting Oracle’s replacement along with Xcelsius.

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              LiveCycle is the replacement for Word in Custom Prints, but there currently is no functionality for LiveCycle in SmartForms.  I like its use in Custom prints, as you can get a very good print of a record out of it. SmartForm use would be nice, but there may be better ways to go...