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    Run Extended Analtytics / Create Star Schema based on Process Management Level Status


      Dear HFM Gurus,


      I have come across a requirement where I would need to automate extended analytics extraction based on Review Level / Approve Status of Entities. Once the Process Management Status changed to Approve status from Review Level 3 or they are in Review Level 3, corresponding 3-4 extracts will run for various levels of data (can be base level, parent level, adjustments etc. for various Scenarios). Also another requirement is that whatever process is built, it should run every hour to check the Process Management Status and extract accordingly, it should not extract if already extracted in the last run (that is if the extraction was already run in the last hour for RL3, and the Entity is still in RL3 in the next hour, it should not run the extract, if the RL3 is changed to Approved state, then the extract should be run. I know this is a lot of ask, request your guidance as to how to proceed with the same. Any help would be highly appreciated.


      Warm Regards,