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    How to use Partition Manager




      My client wants to use partition manager on 11gR2. I'm unable to find clear instructions How to use it. Please suggest me a link which explains how to use partition manager.



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          Do you believe that there is an Oracle product called "Partition Manager"?  That's not something I've come across-- do you have a link to any documentation that uses that name.  There are a number of third-party tools called "Partition Manager."  Perhaps your client is referring to one of those products?  If so, you'd need to find out which product the client is referring to and you'd need to visit that vendor's web site for assistance.


          Alternately, perhaps the client is referring to using some Oracle tool and simply using a non-standard name.  Perhaps they want to use the SQL Access Advisor to create partitioning recommendations?  Or using Oracle's ILM tool to manage the lifecycle of partitioned data?  Or something else.



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            Sorry Justin for Typo. I meant to ask about Partition Advisor, new thing introduced in 11g.

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              "Partition Advisor

              Beginning with Oracle Database 11g release 2, the SQL Access Advisor has been enhanced to

              generate partitioning recommendations, in addition to the ones it already provides for indexes,

              materialized views and materialized view logs. Recommendations generated by the SQL Access

              Advisor – either for Partitioning only or holistically - will show the anticipated performance gains

              that will result if they are implemented. The generated script can either be implemented manually

              or submitted onto a queue within Oracle Enterprise Manager. "


              SQL Access Advisor