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    Listener for Unique Key in coherence Cache


      Hi Experts,

      I am using Oracle Coherence in one of my project and I am facing a Performance issue .Here is my scenario,

      Thie is my Coherence cache structure



      UniqueKey         <Hive data>

      D1                     Hive Data1         

      D2                     Hive Data2

      D3                     Hive Data3


      Each Unique Key is for user Session. My application is a single Sign on with multiple applications involved.

      The Coherence cache can be updated by any application/sub applications. When ever there is a change in my a user hive Data I need to update. My current implementation is

      • I get all the data (Map) from the Coherence Cache (Named Cache).
      • Look for the specific user's key

      Hence there is a performance issue when ever i retrieve/set the hive data


      Is there a default Listener/methodology which I can use in Oracle Coherence ?