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    AssetGather get exception after save


      The exception occurred when it is save an article. It was check at all mandatory attributes are fulfill and all of them are text. 

      It was checked at "NCounter" is "1;1" and parseInt method will fail. The value of "NCounter" is sett inside AssetGather.jsp.

      Do you know if there is some error logic inside AssetGather.jsp? I do not think.

      It is possible that I missing some parameter for save an article. It occurred for all articles.

      I used the last version of Oracle webCenter site 11g. You can see below some logs added about this problem:

      [2013-09-30 14:30:59,606 CEST] [INFO ] [http-8080-3] [com.fatwire.logging.cs]  NCounter = 1;1[OpenMarket/Gator/FlexibleAssets/Common/AssetGather#OpenMarket/Xcelerate/Actions/EditPost]

      [2013-09-30 14:30:59,606 CEST] [ERROR] [http-8080-3] [fatwire.logging.cs.request] Exception including resource /jsp/cs_deployed/OpenMarket/Gator/FlexibleAssets/Common/AssetGather.jsp

      org.apache.jasper.JasperException: An exception occurred processing JSP page /jsp/cs_deployed/OpenMarket/Gator/FlexibleAssets/Common/AssetGather.jsp at line 498

      495:                     {

      496:                         if (valueNumber == 0)

      497:                         {

      498:                             valueNumber = Integer.parseInt(ics.GetVar("NCounter"))+1;

      499:                                       }

      500:                         String currentOrdinals = ics.GetVar("cs_"+ics.GetVar("n")+"_ordinals");

      501:                         if (currentOrdinals != null && currentOrdinals.length() != 0)

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          It was checked that value was changed to "1;1" inside [fatwire/ui/controller/controller#fatwire/ui/controller/controller].

          Note: EksterneLinkerVC is an "Attribute Editor" and EksterneLinker is an "Informasjonsattributt".

          (Chapter 18 - http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E29495_01/doc.1111/webcenter_sites_11gr1_bp1_developer_guide.pdf)


          Se code below for support you.

          <%@ taglib prefix="cs" uri="futuretense_cs/ftcs1_0.tld"




          ics.LogMsg("controller.jsp before ** " + ics.GetVar("n") +", " + ics.GetVar("EksterneLinkerVC"));

          com.fatwire.cs.ui.framework.UIController.execute(ics, request, response);

          ics.LogMsg("controller.jsp after ** " + ics.GetVar("n") +", " + ics.GetVar("EksterneLinkerVC"));




          Se logs below for support you.


          [2013-10-04 10:52:16,654 CEST] [INFO ] [http-8080-3] [com.fatwire.logging.cs] controller.jsp after ** null, null[fatwire/ui/controller/controller#fatwire/ui/controller/controller]

          [2013-10-04 10:52:21,657 CEST] [INFO ] [http-8080-3] [com.fatwire.logging.cs] controller.jsp before ** null, 1;1[fatwire/ui/controller/controller#OpenMarket/Xcelerate/Actions/EditPost]


          Who have any idea how fix it?

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            The solution for the exception when try to convert value to integer using the method parseInt("1;1") it is remove ATTRIBUTE EDITOR from ATTRIBUTE definition.

            There are many cases that new Oracle WebCenter Site 11g doesnt need an ATTRIBUTE EDITOR.