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    Conditional branching after page submit


      Hi all


      I have a page where I need to submit and process the page and items(insert and update database) then branch to a certain page depending on which button was pressed. I have 4 buttons and each button should go to a different page, each button also needs to submit the page and process data(using an Apex DML process and passing 'SAVE' request in each button). the problem I'm having is that no matter which button I press the 'app branches to the first branch. I have 4 branches set to run after the process. Each branch should go to a different page depending on the button pressed. In each branch I have made the branch conditional based on the button pressed.


      APEX seems to ignore the button condition(in Debug) it says unconditional even though the button is definitely conditional.

      I'm running Apex 4.2.2


      It seems as though when I pass a Request of 'SAVE' Apex treats all buttons with this request in the same manner?Regardless of which button was pressed?

      Any ideas or alternatives?