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    What Spec/Object types are these ... found in configuration, not found in documentation.


      We know that object or spec type id for Material specs is 1004 and for Trade it is 2147.   I have some spec types in our configuration that I have been unable to identify from the documentation.  The configured objects are for extended attributes:


      2078.ExtendedAttributes.Search.Enabled = True

      3151.ExtendedAttributes.Search.Enabled = True

      3202.ExtendedAttributes.Search.Enabled = True

      5822.CustomSection.Search.Enabled = True

      5822.ExtendedAttributes.Search.Enabled = True


      So we are trying to find out ...

      What is type 2078?  What is type 3151? What is type 3202? and What is type 5822?

      Are these deprecated objects and if so, what was the object?  Thank you.  --BeckieC