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    iplanet 7 reverse proxy collapses slashes


      When I do a reverse proxy, the original URI has multiple slashes that need to be preserved, for instance "https://host/path////dir/test.html", get proxied to the origin server as "https://host/path/dir/test.html"


      Our developers want to preserve the multiple slashes.


      is there a way to modify how OIWS7 does the reverse proxy to do this? on iplanet 6.1 we were using libpassthrough which preserved the original request


      on obj.conf we have:


      NameTrans fn="map" from="/myapps" name="reverse-proxy" to="http:/myapps"


      <Object name="reverse-proxy">

      Route fn="set-origin-server" server="http://origin.net:443/"



      <Object ppath="http:*">

      Service fn="proxy-retrieve" method="*"