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    OBIA 11g: Financial Analytics Config


      We are configuring OBIA to Financial Analytics based on the tasks provided in documnetation. FInding it bit hard to understand the current documnetation structure after working on where there were specific section for Fiancial Analytics related tasks.


      Wanted to clarify the below. In 7.9.6.X we had to configure the below files as part of  EBS GL configuration.


      1> file_group_acct_names.csv   


      2> file_group_acct_codes_ora.csv



      3> file_grpact_fstmt.csv


      But apart from the 2nd file the other two files are not refered to in the OBIA 11g Config document. Not sure if those needs to be configured. If anyone has come across any categorized steps for Financial anlytics for OBIA 11g it would of help.. Di not find any here.