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    connection to database got lost repidly from vmware on DHCP.


      Dear all,


      we are using oracle database 10g R2 32 bit on windows server 2008 32 bit.

      we have prapare one virtual machine and install windows xp 32 bit on it.

      our network and virtual machine settings are below;

      Network card are enable with NAT mode  , we ar able to estabish the connection as well as continous ping response.


      the problem is that when we open sql plus from the vmware machine, and connect to scott and issue some queries,

      then for the first 5 or 6 seconds, we got a response from the server, but after some seconds we receive a DISCONNECTED message from sqlplus .

      the oracle got disconected, and we have to again give the logins credentials to conenct.

      we face the following errors

      ORA-12571: TNS packet writer failure

      ORA-03114: Not Connected


      But when we copy the same vmware image on a PC having a static ip address, we never face this problem.

      how could we dig it?