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        your valuable response plz ....
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          Maybe we are looking in the wrong place.

          When we look at your error PRCSAPI.SQC,Update-Process-Status,Update,PSPrcsRqst this means that the PRCSAPI.SQC is raising the error.

          Is the DDDAUDIT and SYSAUDIT customized?
          If so, see if procedure stdapi-term is called twice or called in a loop.
          This procedure tells the process scheduler the outcome of the sqr.

          If these are the only sqr's that run into an error, as a workaround (till you fix this issue), you can always run these sqr's using sqrw.exe instead of the Process Scheduler.


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            I'm having the same issue.  When DDDAUDIT runs, it generates a "Success" message that is inserted into PS_MESSAGE_LOG upon success.  However, because these "Invalid server name" messages have already been inserted without using the PRCSAPI.sqc methods, the counter PRCSAPI uses to counte the sequence number for the message does not match what is in the database.  PRCSAPI thinks it is on SEQNUM 1, when in fact it should be on SEQNUM 23.  I cannot track down where this message is being thrown or why it is finding a server that has been deleted.  I suspect orphaned data but for the life of me I cannot locate it.    

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