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    How to configure for multiple mixed standbys




      I currently have a Primary database with 2 Physical Standbys set up. It is my intention to convert one of the Standbys to a Logical Standby.


      I am following Oracle Note 738643.1 and CH4 of the 11gR2 Data Guard Concepts and Admin manual


      However I am a bit confused as to what the log_archive_dest_1 setting should be on my primary and each of my standbys when I have a set up that includes a physical and a logical standby


      On my Primary

      log_archive_dest_1=' location=USE_DB_RECOVERY_FILE_DEST'
      log_archive_dest_2= 'service=STANDBYL async valid_for=(ONLINE_LOGFILES,PRIMARY_ROLE) db_unique_name=STANDBYL'

      If I plan this primary ever to be a logical standby ( in a switchover etc ) then I need to also add on the Primary Side

      log_archive_dest_3= 'location=USE_DB_RECOVERY_FILE_DEST valid_for=(STANDBY_LOGFILES,STANDBY_ROLE) db_unique_name=PRIMARYP'

      On my first Standby ( currently Physical and will remain so )



      log_archive_dest_1=' location=USE_DB_RECOVERY_FILE_DEST'
      log_archive_dest_2 ='service=PRIMARYP async valid_for=(ONLINE_LOGFILES,PRIMARY_ROLE) db_unique_name=PRIMARYP'


      On my second Standby ( currently Physical but I am wishing to convert to logical )

      log_archive_dest_1= 'location=USE_DB_RECOVERY_FILE_DEST'
      log_archive_dest_2 ='service=PRIMARYP async valid_for=(ONLINE_LOGFILES,PRIMARY_ROLE) db_unique_name=PRIMARYP'

      To allow this Standby to be converted to a logical standby I need to also have

      log_archive_dest_3='location=USE_DB_RECOVERY_FILE_DEST valid_for=(STANDBY_LOGFILES,STANDBY_ROLE) db_unique_name=STANDBYL'

      There appears to be some confusion in the Oracle literature as to what the log_archive_dest_1 should be on the Primary, to facilitate both a physical and a logical standby. For a Logical Standby I have been quoted the following setting ( I think for the primary - though I am not sure ? )




      It seems that my current settings that use USE_DB_RECOVERY_FILE_DEST assume the default VALID_FOR=(ALL_LOGFILES,ALL_ROLES) which is ok for Physical Standbys ( as there is no need to separate out Online Redo Logs from Standby Redo Logs ), however this setting is not ok for Logical Standbys. Instead for Logical Standbys I have to use the line above where VALID_FOR=(ONLINE_LOGFILES,ALL_ROLES)


      I am just not precisely sure for my setup exactly where I need to make this change !



      to be set on log_archive_dest_1 on my Primary and/or on log_archive_dest_1 or 3 of the Standby I wish to convert to a logical ?


      Q2. If I am meant to change the log_archive_dest_1 on my Primary, how do I ensure the settting is suitable for both Physical and Logical Standbys ?


      any clarity greatly appreciated.