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    Access to QBE Value from Popup


      Hi All,


      JDev with JHeadStart  I've posed a similar question on the JHS forum, and am hoping to gain even more wisdom here.  Our requirement is to start every instance of an Input Text w/ LoV without values in the QBE (even if there were values entered from a previous use).  In our current environment the QBE retain value between uses.  What I'd like to do is check if the popup QBE has value, and if so, clear the value(s) before the popup is disclosed.


      I've implemented this behavior successfully in a plain old af:table like so...


      public static void clearTableFilters(RichTable myTable) {
        FilterableQueryDescriptor fqd =  
        (FilterableQueryDescriptor) myTable .getFilterModel();  
        if (fqd != null && fqd.getFilterCriteria() != null) {  
        myTable.queueEvent(new QueryEvent(myTable , fqd));


      ...but when I attempt to pass a RichPopup rather than a RichTable, I loose access to the getFilterModel method.  How would one access the FilterModel of a popup rather than a table?


      Many thanks,