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    Automated row fetch quirks


      APEX 4.2.2


      An (after header) Automated Row Fetch process on a page


      Page item A: Display Only. Source/Type = Always/DB column

      Page item B: Text field with Readonly Condition set to Always. Source/Type = Always/DB column




      1. When the page is submitted and a validation fails causing the page to be re-displayed in validation errors mode - Page item A shows a blank value but Page Item B shows the expected value. This leads to a goofy validation error message which uses the non-blank page item in the validation logic but the value shown on the page is blank.Why the different behavior for the 2 types of readonly items?

      2. When the validation needs to refer to page item values fetched by the ARF process using :ITEM_NAME notation, the values are blank! Inspecting the session state table WWV_FLOW_DATA shows that they are indeed blank. A workaround is to query the database again in the validation using the primary key for the record. This seems unnecessary. The values  are already fetched when the page is rendered, why are they not available in session state for after-submit processing?