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    Oracle Load Testing->Databank Control Problem


      Oracle Load Testing->Databank Control Problem

      I am not able to allocate records for each vuser in Oracle Load testing through databank control.Can anyone help?

      Details: i have two databanks in my script.One is having the Users(multiple users to be used for concurrency say User1 and User2) and  2nd databank file is having the records each user has to use(say total 20 records in number).Now,i want to set up a scenario where i can set the databank settings so that User1 uses the record 1-10 in the 2nd databank file while running and  User2 uses databank records 11-20 from the databank2.This option was easily available in loadruner(see below screenshot) using "Alllocate <n> values to each vuser option.

      Any help on this would be of much help.