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    List of messages from JMS Queue with Timestamp


      Hi All,


      We want to list all messages present(stuck) inside a JMS Queue, say Id and Timestamp.


      using WLST I am able to navigate to the Queue, i.e. domainRuntime/ServerRuntimes/soa_server1/JMSRuntime/soa_server1.jms/JMSServers/AIA_SPO_JMSServer1/Destinations/AIA_SPO_JMSModule!AIA_SPO_JMSServer2@PENBUS_OUT_JMSQ

      and get total no. of pending messages(Queue depth), but i need the list with timestamp.


      If i browse to message,



      msgs=cmo.getItems(cursor1, 0, size)

      print msgs

      I can print timestamp but it is coming in JMSTimestamp format i.e."1375756154271".

      we only need the list with timestamp. The desired output is:

      ID            Timestamp

      1               Thu Sep 26 14:32:53 EST 2013    

      2               Thu Sep 26 14:34:43 EST 2013

      Kindly let us know how this can be achieved.