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    Restoring Cumulative Incremental level 0 and Cumulative Incremental level 1 backups on a new Host (Archivelogs not available)


      Hi guys, I have a disaster to manage.

      Due to a fire incident, I physically lost my Oracle Database server. Luckily, I was doing weekly Cumulative incremental level 0 backups of my databases and daily Cumulative incremental level 1 backups of my databases on an external Hard drive.

      Now I need to restore these backups on a new physical server. I don't have backups of archivelogs.

      Some data loss can be allowed in this scenario. I have backup of control file and spfile (controlfile autobackup is configured).

      How can I restore and recover my databases on this new server (with a different directory structure) ? I don't use a recovery catalog.

      Thanks in advanced


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