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    generated pdf file from oracle reports show bad characters


      Hello all,


      Iam fighting with a problem with generated pdf file from oracle reports which show some bad characters. I was searching for some information but it didnt help...


      I have Oracle Database 11g R2 (or 10g R2) on Oracle Linux or Windows, Oracle forms and reports 6i (i know that is very old and not supported with 11gr2 but we are in this scenario).


      NLS parameters are set like this











      When I run Oracle Reports it show perfect in display and when I try to print them, they are all good with good characters, but when I try to generate pdf file, some characters like č,š,ľ are not displaying corectly... This happen only when try to generate to pdf...


      I try to work with uifont.ali on client side but without any result. Fonts for reports were installed on client and server side... Can someone help me with this problem? Thank you very much for every advice.


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          1 is the codepage of Windows set to 1250?

          2 is the characterset of Linux correct?


          Also you need to isolate whether this is being caused by the generic client, or by Oracle Reports.

          Run the SQL in sql*plus and check the output.

          Also this question is better asked in the Globalization Forum.


          Sybrand Bakker

          Senior Oracle DBA

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            HI Sybrand,


            Thank you for your reply. I will try it in Globalization Forum...


            Back to this, codepage of Windows is correct (Regional and Language options is set to Slovak_Slovakia and win1250 is automatically used). When I generate oracle report from oracle forms 6i client it show up ok without any problem on display, but when I try to generate this report to pdf, problem occur.


            from Oracle Reports on display:

            Čerpanie Bencalor:




            from generated pdf file:

            Èerpanie Bencalor:




            all other characters like á, í, ú... are ok in both - oracle report on display and in generated pdf file...



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              Thank you for your reply, I will look at it. Anyone know how generating to pdf is working in oracle forms 6i? Many thanks

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                Sergiusz Wolicki-Oracle

                The wrong characters in the PDF file that you describe give us the clue that the problem is explicitly with fonts. Your PDF file uses a Western European (Windows) font to display characters that are in the Central European code page.  It looks like your Reports font configuration is not correct for PDF generation. Unfortunately, I have not played with Reports for a long time already so I do not remember what the correct settings are. When looking at font information in Document properties in Adobe Reader, you should be able to see some embedded font listed for your document.  If there are no embedded fonts, Slovak letters will not work for sure (this is a property of the PDF format). You must go back to your uifont.ali file and make sure that the configuration in [PDF] section is correct. You may need to make fonts available for embedding in the proper Reports directory.  Again, I do not remember exactly which directory it is.





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                  Hi Sergiusz,


                  Thank you for your reply. I look at what you wrote and try to make some test...


                  1) For first I download FontForge, which can generate type1 font from true type. So I open FontForge and open my Arial.ttf font and use "Generate Fonts" to save my Arial.ttf font to pfb and pfm (whoch are need to set in uifont.ali). I have to change encoding, because my font has 2byte encoding so I reecondode the font from ISO10646-1 to ISO8859-2 and generate to pfb.


                  2) Then I navigate REPORTS_PATH from regedit to my *.pfm and *.pfb files.


                  3) I add these lines to end of my uifont.ali


                  [ PDF:Embed ]

                  Arial = "Arial.pfm Arial.pfb"

                  ArialNarrow = "ArialNarrow.pfm ArialNarrow.pfb"


                  4) Then I generate my report but nothing change... I check "Font used" in my pdf file, but there were not my fonts embedded I guess..


                  I also try PDF:Subset, but it doesnt change anything... I try PDF aliasing to see if my uifont is working - this work very well, but I dont need to change font...


                  Any other advice? Thank you so much to everyone!