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    Access data in XML


      I have the following XML structure:


      <TZR Action="Insert" OrgaT="400">

      <Division id="4">

        <label language="de">ok</label>

        <label language="en">Live engl.</label>

      <Productstructure id="300" Sparte="5">

        <label language="en">Live engl.</label>









      I'd like to get



      4, ok, Live engl, 300, 1, Live engl.




      using XMLTYPE but I have no idea how to get id="4" or Sparte="1"




      SELECT *

      FROM XMLTable(


             passing XMLType(bfilename('XML_DATA_DIR', 'xxx.xml'), nls_charset_id('AL32UTF8'))

             columns Division_id       varchar2(30)       path 'Division/id'




      Oracle 11.2.02 on Windows 2008.