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    Fusion Human Capital (Talent) Management - exact desktop requirement

    Dominic Campbell


      I've searched as much as I can and still can't seem to find a definitive answer.  Oracle HCM (or Talent Management) is certified for Adobe Flash Player and IE 8 (amongst others). What I really want to find out is: does it require ActiveX and/or JavaScript as well and is there anything else desktop related that it needs?

      There seems to be no documentation that I can find that answers this definitively.

      I need to deploy in a very restricted desktop environment and so need to know exactly what has to be in the desktop build in order for HCM to work.

      I have read the installation guides and certification document etc. but cannot find this level of detail (I'd, of course, love to find it just needs IE8 and Adobe Flash Player 10 )

      Any help appreciated.