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    How to remove agent from console after host decommissioned


      I am using the OEM 12c console. A particular host target which is a member of a cluster crashed and is no longer in service yet the agent is still displayed in the console.


      I first tried removing the information from the repository using emcli -


      -bash-3.2$ ./emcli delete_target -name="brownshoe.ucdavis.edu:3872" -type="oracle_emd" -delete_monitored_targets -async

      and receive the error

      Error: Agent status is currently UP. Shut down the agent and wait for the agent to be marked UNREACHABLE before deleting.


      Since the host is gone I am unable to log on. The agents are installed separately on each member of the cluster but nevertheless I wondered if I am expected to shut down the agent on the other cluster member, must I do that?


      From the console I was able to remove all targets related to the agent so that only the agent is displayed. When I go to Setup -> Agents -> Agent Name, select the agent in question and click remove the console returns the message 'Error Encountered. Check log file for details.' What log file must I check and how do I remove the agent from the console?


      Thank you.

      Bill Wagman