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    OMF and RMAN "FORMAT" option


      Hi there


      In my current env, I have:


      db_recovery_file_dest = '/ora_backup'



      When I backup the database (say orcl) using RMAN, Oracle automatically creates following folder hierarchy and maintains it automatically (OMF in action I believe):


      1. /ora_backup/ORCL/archivelog
      2. /ora_backup/ORCL/autobackup
      3. /ora_backup/ORCL/backupset


      And under each of these folders, Oracle automatically creates a new folder for each date the backup is taken (2013_09_29,  2013_09_30,  2013_10_01, etc).


      Now because of db_recovery_file_dest = '/ora_backup', archivelog files are also going to this location which I do not want. I would like the Archivelog files to keep going to "+FRA".


      I am thinking of two options.





      But If I do this, I loose one advantage -  Oracle will not report/account-for space used by archivelogs via "v$recovery_file_dest" view.



      I recently learned that "FORMAT" can be used to override the "db_recovery_file_dest" value and tell RMAN to store backups somewhere else.


      I wonder if I can use FORMAT and still take advantage of the OMF and tell RMAN to continue creating sub-directories as needed for each date under each of the above mentioned three directories.


      I tried following FORMAT option and RMAN stored all backup pieces in the same directory without creating the sub-directories for each date:


      FORMAT '/ora_backup/level0%d_%t_%U'


      Is there a syntax-element (like %d, %t, etc) that can tell RMAN to continue using OMF (to create sub-sirectories)? I know I am providing the files names.


      Is there a better option?


      I am not sure if I have been able to describe my question correctly.


      Best regards