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    Activity Relationships


      I have created 4 activities.


      i have given Predecessor for A1020 is A1010
      i have given Successor for A1030 is A1040.

      and I found Default relationship is Finish to start.

      Can we assign Finish to start relation ship fro both Activities A1020 and A1030.In that case ,after finishing which activity then which activity will be started.

      Can we assign Start to finish relation ship for both Activities A1020 and A1030 .In that case, which activity will be started after finishing which activity.



      I have confusion in predecessor and Successor with relationships like finish to start and start to finish.

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          As a general rule you should never use Start to Finish relationships in your schedule. Finish to start says you can't start activity B until activity A is complete which in the real world is what happens 99% of the time. By getting granular enough you can schedule your whole project with only FS.


          If you want 1020 to come after 1010: 1010 - FS - 1020

          If you want 1030 to come before 1040: 1030 - FS - 1040