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    Running Validations


      Dear All


      How do you enable and run real time validations in v11.1.2.2? I have created a simple real time validation to check the length of the node name and assigned it to the hierarchy.


      I then tried to test the validation but it seems it is not firing!


      I logged out, restarted DRM service and reassigned the validation to the hierarchy i wanted it to be attached to but still no luck!!!


      It is a validation to check if the node name is not conforming to 11 digits.


      I tried two different classes as well (InvalidNameLength and custpropquery) but nothing is working.


      Really embarrassed that i'm not able to run a simple validation. I hate the new version (i'm so used to 9.3 version which is easy to use and have previously implemented tens of validations without any issues).


      Please help.



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