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    RESTFul services

    Daniel Merchán

      I'm implementing a Java Wrapper to invoke RESTFul services.

      I tested some of them and it's running fine. However i'm having some problems with Search REST API.

      My enviroment is described as follow:
      - Oracle WebCenter Portal : Spaces PS5 with OAM SSO configured and Oracle OHS as webserver.
      - .../rest/api/resourceIndex is succesful and i tested getGroupSpaces functionallity through Java Code and directly URL.

      However, i'm trying to invoke http://host/rest/api/searchresults?startIndex={startIndex}&mimetype={mimetype}&q={q}&serviceId={serviceId}&refiners={refiners}&data={data}&scopeGuid={scopeGuid}&itemsPerPage={itemsPerPage}&utoken=FIgDJVfHs52CpShC6gpum8qE6X8A_w**

      Can provide me a sample of replaced param that works?. I tried a lot of ways and i'm getting HTTP 501 or 403 sometimes!! (strange).

      I'll check OAM WebTier (WebCenter REST Auth Policy) and more parameters...

      Any tip or suggest are welcome :).

      Update: All seems configurated


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