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    Data load page problems in apex 4.2.2


      Oracle 10

      Apex 4.2.2

      application using theme Topaz - 4


      In my application I previously created (with the Data Loading wizard) some proper working Data Load Pages.

      That was in apex 4.1.1.


      After our recent upgrade to apex 4.2.2, I ran into a couple of issues:


      • The previously created pages where broken (I forgot to take a snapshot with details, I think it was a mapping problem).
        Anyway, data was NOT loaded into my table anymore.
      • I re-created the tables with the wizard again (no major issue, I only hope I don't have to redo this every apex upgrade)


      With the newly created pages:

      • Layout is bad (the Load train is on top of the page, not on the left). Manually I have to change the page template to e.g. One Level Tabs - Left sidebar
      • Repeated upload of a CSV file takes a cached copy in the database, it will NOT re-read the changed CSV-file.
        Restart the browser to force a new session (or I have to create some custom process to reset the Collections).