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    Problem with af:table and view links


      I want to display a table with data from a database table called PERSON, so I'm using af:table tag.


      The PERSON table has the next fields:




      The field PERSON_STATE is a foreign key to other table called PERSON_STATE:




      I've created a view to get data from PERSON table (personView). Because I want to show the person state description in the af:table , I've created another view to get data from PERSON_STATE table (personStateView). And I've also created a view link between personView and personStateView.


      In the column of the af:table that represents the person state I drop the field 'description' of the state view linked to the person view.


      When I run the JSP the state is not shown properly. All the persons are shown with the same state.


      When testing directly with the application module, the view link works properly.


      Does view links work inside a af:table?


      I'm working with ADF 10g.