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    grid infrastructure


      Hi all,


      i have installed grid(crs+asm) on my two linux node(Enterprise linux 5) setup, using openfiler(SAN) , i have configure grid Home like ORACLE_HOME=/u01/home/app/11.2.0/grid.

      1)my question is here i don't get any instance specific asm parameter file like init+ASM1.ora instead of that i got ab_+ASM1.dat,  hc_+ASM1.dat,  init.ora,  orapw+ASM  four files, do i need to create ASM instance specific parameter manually to create diskgroup in the same location,


      2)  +DATA diskgroup has been created while grid installation, but when i  try to create database, its giving me error diskgroup +DATA doesn't exit or not mount, but when i check it shows me mount like below


      $cd $ORACLE_HOME/dbs     (here oracle home is grid home)

      $export ORACLE_SID=+ASM1

      $sqlplus / as sysdba

      >select name,state from v$asm_diskgroup;

                            name          state

                              DATA      Mounted


      even i cant able to dismount diskgroup DATA, it throws an error insufficient privilege.


      3) After grid installation how can one create diskgroup i mean what needs to exported as ORACLE_SID like in 10g we have $export ORACLE_SID=+ASM1  then creat diskgroup.


      i would appreciate you, if you assist me in details.



      thanks & regards.

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          Please provide the output of below :

          $ srvctl status asm -a ----> from one node

          $ps -ef|grep pmon ----->  on each node

          1) You can have instance specific init+ASM1.ora , if you dont have the one.

          2) First one will be used to store your CRS and voting disk. Using ASMCA create two more diskgroups and than try to create the database.


          $ asmca & ---> from one of the node

          • from diskgroup tab use create button
          • after verifing the values , click ok ( If you are using ASMlib you need specify the disks which you are created using ASMLIB)
          • You can use the create button to add one more disk





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            1.  It sounds like you are looking for the ASM parameter file on your file system.  It is inside the ASM diskgroup.  You can see it if you run the asmcmd utility and navigate to DATA/ASM/ASMPARAMETERFILE.


            2.  If you are getting insufficient privileges then you might have connected to the ASM instance using RDBMS instance privileges like SYSDBA.  You should connect / AS SYSASM.  Also, you should be logged into the server as an operating system user who is a member of the correct groups (which might simply be the oinstall group).  To be safe login to the server as the same user who installed the grid software, and then connect using the SYSASM privilege as I noted.


            3.  To create a diskgroup you connect to the desired ASM instance using / AS SYSASM and then run the CREATE DISKGROUP statement with the desired options.


            You seem to have many issues about the ORACLE_SID.  You should install all Grid software as user grid, and all RDBMS software as user oracle, and then each user will have a different profile where you can set the environment variables such as ORACLE_SID and never need to change them or worry about setting them each time you login.  This is not required, just my preference. You can also use the oraenv utility but this does not offer as much control as having separate profiles.

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              thanks for you reply


              1) i get  ASMPARAMETERFILE in  DATA/rac-cluster/ASMPARAMETERFILE but how to read that file what parameters inside that

              what about asm instance specific parameter file which we use to export its SID ,startup asm instance


              2) yes with sysams we can create diskgroup, but disks should be  created by asm like >oracleasm create /dev/sdb4   or only just with OS  fdisk command like

              #fdisk /dev/sdb         because when i fire a command



              >create diskgroup  diskgroupname '/dev/sdb4' ;  . showing error

              ora -15018    diskgroup can't created

              ora- 15031  disk specification '/dev/sdb4' matches no disks






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                1.  To see the contents of a SPFILE you must dump it to a PFILE.  Log in to sqlplus / as sysasm and run the command create pfile='/tmp/pfile.txt' from spfile;   Now you will be able to view the pfile using more /tmp/pfile.txt.


                2.  The disks you specify when creating a diskgroup depend on whether or not you are using ASMlib. 

                If you are using ASMlib then you must specify the ASMlib pseudo device and not the block device.  For example, use /dev/oracleasm/disks/<name of disk>.

                If you are not using ASMlib then make sure the block device has correct ownership and permissions or it won't be discovered.  For example:  chown grid:oinstall /dev/sdb4 and chmod 0660 /dev/sdb4. 

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                  thanks a lot Mr.