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    BBL booting twice




      I have tuxedo 9.1 with patch level 156 installed on HP-UX 11.31. Whenever, we try to boot tuxedo it tries to bring up BBL twice throwing below error in ULOG.


      014556.server!BBL.12158.1.0: 10-03-2013: Tuxedo Version 9.1, 32-bit, Patch Level 156

      014556.server!BBL.12158.1.0: LIBTUX_CAT:262: INFO: Standard main starting

      014559.server!BBL.12656.1.0: 10-03-2013: Tuxedo Version 9.1, 32-bit, Patch Level 156

      014559.server!BBL.12656.1.0: LIBTUX_CAT:577: ERROR: Unable to register because the slot is already owned by another process


      Any direction will be of great help.

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          Todd Little-Oracle



          I would suggest trying tmipcrm to remove the IPC resources, and try again.  Failing that, try a reboot of the system if you can.



          Todd Little

          Oracle Tuxedo Chief Architect

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            Per Lindström

            Sometimes it is the remains of a previously running application that fails to be cleaned up if it wasn't shut down properly last time it was run.


            Try using tmipcrm to make sure that the application is really "gone" befpre trying to start it up again. You might also want to check for remaining IPC resources lying around with the command


            ipcs -a | grep owner_of_tuxedo_app


            (substitute the relevant user id)


            Sometimes the only way forward is to manually remove any "zombie" IPC resources having been abandoned by a crashed Tuxedo application, especially if kill -9 has been used to shut things down...



            Hope this helps,


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              Thanks. I shall check this.