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    Problem with cache in Apex 4.2


      I have an application built in Apex 4.2

      It's been running fine for several weeks

      I've not made any changes to the code

      Suddenly it developed what seems to be a cache problem.

      If I enter a search criteria; it displays results. I enter a different search criteria and it brings back the same results as the first criteria.

      I enter a search criteria in a different field and I still get the results from the first search

      I go from Internet Explorer to Mozilla. DIfferent search criteria, but same issue. Google chrome - same issue

      The obvious answer is to clear the cache.

      I have a process set up that is clear Cache for Items , on submit after computations and validations  and then I list all the items individually.

      This process has been there all along. I never had this problem before.

      If I log out and come back in, same issue. What ever I enter as the first search criteria is the results no matter how I search

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          Do you use any kind of APEX Caching? Like Page or Region caching?

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            I don't think so . To be honest I don't know

            The only thing I did was set up the process I described above to clear cache for items. The application was working fine until yesterday. It stopped working yesterday afternoon

            There are 2 things that changed.

            1. The client says there was a DNS change - not sure what was involved

            2. Within the application I use a list as one of the search criteria; select all the records where column XYZ =  the item on selected on the list. This has been working for several months. Yesterday I added a few more values to the list


            I don't see that either of this would impact the search issue. Even if I don't use the drop down list; there are other search options. When I log in and do a search on any option; the first search criteria I chose stays there. If I search again with different criteria, it still uses the first search option

            Sounds like a cache issue to me

            But I don't know what to look at or why it would change



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              I just met with the client

              this may actually be related to something they did

              they have another application that is having similar problems

              I am still curious about how caching works in Apex

              When I set up these processes to clear the cache for items - I'm not understanding the options - before load, after submit

              clearing the page vs listing items