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    Automation of executing Calc Scripts


      Hi, How do we automate the calculations which are required to be done in a sequence ?


      I have around 12 calcs which are dependent on each other and are required to be run in a sequence (01 to 12).

      3/4 Calcs are being done at a granular level so few of them do take some time 6-7 mins, and we have an aggregation step which takes 15+ mins. But apart from these the rest take 1-2 mins to execute.


      Problem is when I use MaxL editor in EAS console - using 'execute calculation' command


      Set Message Level ALL;

      set timestamp on;

      spool on to 'Aug-12.log';


      echo 'Execute - start - calculation '  ;


      iferror 'ErrorExit' ;

      execute calculation 'Sample'.'Sample'.'01-step';

      execute calculation 'Sample'.'Sample'.'02-step';

      execute calculation 'Sample'.'Sample'.'03-step';



      These statements errors out - saying previous request is still running if the calculation is taking more time

      For e.g. 01-step took 2 mins

           - it works fine and the next step is executed successfully

      then 02-Step took 6 mins

           - then it doesn't execute the 03-step successfully - it doesn't wait for the previous execution to finish and when it tries to execute the 3rd step it error's out saying 'previous request still running'

      Any help would be appreciated.


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          If you run these from MaxL (not fro EAS) they will run in serial mode use something like:

          Call pathname...\startMaxl.bat   myscript.mxl


          Where myscript.mxl has the execute calculation commands in it.

          Depending on if you want to check for return codes between the steps, you could have separate MaxL scripts and call each one


          Call pathname...\startMaxl.bat   step_1.mxl

          Call pathname...\startMaxl.bat   step_2.mxl

          Call pathname...\startMaxl.bat   step_3.mxl

          Call pathname...\startMaxl.bat   step_4.mxl

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            The EAS MaxL editor times out and moves on to the next command?  I only really use that editor for 'interactive' sessions, not running pre-written scripts - learn something new every day.

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              Hi Glen,

              Thanks for the reply, but for executing it from MaxL - the user needs to be logged into the server ? or can it be done from the client side as well ?


              I had tried that using a remote desktop which we used to connect to the server - but there I was not able to login to MaxL itself . Kept showing network error while trying.


              **I just tried it on a different serve and it was working - let me check the server name/parameter again.




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                You can run MaxL from a client, although you do need to have MaxL installed (whereas with the EAS web-launcher you just need Java).

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                  Glen - thanks it worked. I thought I was doing something wrong when I had tried the same previously as I was not able to connect correctly.

                  But after you confirmed the approach I rechecked for the server parameters and it worked with the new ones .


                  Now the only problem I am facing is the remote desktop - it logs me out and closes all running applications if the session has been idle for 10 mins .

                  So I can't just start the MaxL and leave it in the background . Was hoping I can start the execution and leave it running in the background bcoz if we have to do for multiple months it can take upto an hour.

                  Not related to Essbase though .


                  Thanks again



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                    Talk to your server admin, there is a setting for remote desktop to keep you logged on when you close it and same thing with timing out. I had it happen at a client and it took a few mintues for them to fix it

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                      Or just set up a batch job and run it via the Windows Scheduler.  You can set those jobs up to run even though the username is logged off.


                      In fact, you can remotely connect to a server through your local Windows scheduler and remotely execute jobs that way.  All you need is a Windows username/password with the rights to do that and if you can remote to the server, you're good to go.  This requires NO local Essbase client.




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