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    Need help using GO URL to display table view (with sorting, pagination)


      I'm trying to use the GO URL to get to a table view with the sorting and pagination functionality intact, but I don't want all the other links and input fields of a dashboard.


      Is this possible?


      I'm trying to consume table view report in an IFRAME within my web application using the GO URL, but without any luck.


      For proof of concept, I'm trying to extend Sample Lite\KPI\Sample PKI which I can display as a dashboard in my IFRAME, but I would like the table view with the column sorting and pagination functionality intact without the dashboard links and fields up at the top.


      I'm new to Oracle BI, specific explanation and step by step examples would help me tremendously.


      I am on Oracle 11g v11.1.7.0 on RH linux.


      The GO URL I am using: