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    WLS Supplemental Zip Distribution README_SUPP.txt


      I think there may be a few things wrong with this READ_SUPP.txt.

      First, I'll just copy and paste the file.

      Then, in a subsequent post, I'll raise my first question.


      Here is the copy and paste...



      WLS Supplemental Zip Distribution for Oracle WebLogic Server

      The WLS supplemental zip distribution is intended for development use.

      It is supported on Windows, Linux and Mac OS X systems.

      It contains the necessary artifacts to develop and test applications on WebLogic Server.

      WLS supplemental zip requires that the primary zip distribution is already set up and is ready to use.


      Supplemental zip contains samples, evaluation database (Derby) and L10N console help files.

      The following instructions should help in quickly setting up the extra components in WLS via the supplemental zip.


      Please refer to the general WLS documentation for detailed instructions.

      1. Ensure that WLS has been installed under MW_HOME (eg: /home/myhome/mywls/wls12120)
      using the zip distribution - wls1212_dev.zip

      2. Extract the contents of the supplemental zip (eg: extract into /home/myhome/mywls )

      wls12120 directory will be automatically created during extraction.

      3. Setup JAVA_HOME and MW_HOME variables in the current shell.
      The script will attempt to extract MW_HOME and JAVA_HOME from the WLS installation.
      If this fails, you are required to set them up prior to running the script.

      Linux $ export JAVA_HOME=/home/myhome/myjavahome
      $ export MW_HOME=/home/myhome/mywls/wls12120
      $ export JAVA_HOME=/System/Library/Frameworks/JavaVM.framework/Versions/1.7/Home
      $ export MW_HOME=/home/myhome/mywls/wls12120

      Windows > set JAVA_HOME=C:\home\myhome\myjavahome
      > set MW_HOME=C:\home\myhome\mywls\wls12120

      This version of WLS requires JDK 1.7.

      Ensure that you have the proper JDK version installed.

      4. Run the installation configuration script in the MW_HOME directory, C:\wl\wls12120 .
      (This step is required to be run only once.

      If you move the installation to another location/machine, you need to rerun this step)

      If the username and password are not provided, the script will prompt for them.

      Linux/Mac $ ./run_samples.sh <username> <password> or
      $ ./run_samples.sh

      Windows > run_samples.cmd <username> <password> or
      > run_samples.cmd

      This step
      creates the sample domains with the user provided username and password ( admin & admin1admin, respectively ).

      The sample domains should be created in MW_HOME/wlserver/samples.

      5. WLS can be started from these sample domains by issuing startWebLogic command.

      This will also bring up the WLS console in the default browser.

      6. Start a browser and open up url - 'http://localhost:7001/console' to administer the server.


      # Samples
      # Derby DB (for use with Samples)
      # L10N versions of WLS console help files

      The supplemental zip contents are interleaved with the base zip contents.

      You have to delete the MW_HOME directory which will delete both the WLS installation as well as the supplemental zip contents.

      # [MAC OS X] Supplemental zip configuration (run_samples.sh|cmd) may fail if the JAVA_HOME has soft links or dummy JRE files.

      Ensure that files in JAVA_HOME have not been tampered with.

        • 1. Re: WLS Supplemental Zip Distribution README_SUPP.txt

          My first question regards step number 2...

          • 2. Extract the contents of the supplemental zip (eg: extract into /home/myhome/mywls )

            wls12120 directory will be automatically created during extraction.

          The file name is wls12120_dev_supplemental.zip .

          When I put this file in the mywls directory and Extract All ( using Windows Explorer, if that matters ),

          the directory created is actually named " wls12120_dev_supplemental " and it has 1 sub-directory named " wls12120 ".

          So, is there something wrong with Step 2's text ?

          Is there something wrong with how I interpreted Step 2's text ?

          Is the actual directory and sub-directory I see being created the successful response / result ?  Or did this step fail ?