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    auto-release plan order in MRP

    Leno Sun



      I'm testing planning flow as FSC-MDS-MPS-MRP,

      and i want to auto-release plan orders by running the MRP.

      I found that the plan orders are not auto-released when the plan exited in the MPS.

      But it can be auto-released if tested by FSC-MDS-MRP(skip run MPS).

      Is it the standard flow or is there any setup which be missed to control that ?


      *As it can be auto-released when i skip run MPS, so i think that there are no problems such as release time fence and so on.


      PS:I found that this is a criteria in auto-release package(mrp_release_pk.mrp_auto_release)

      main cursor :

      >>select ..


      >>where mrp_system_items.in_source_plan <> SYS_YES

      The in_source_plan value is yes when the plan is exited in MPS.



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          Is the item MRP/MPS planned ?


          Please find below notes for reference.


          The "in_source_plan" field is set to 1 (yes), when the item is "planned" in the source plan .

          Otherwise it is Null or set to 2(no).

          Source_plan here means supply schedule or demand schedule.


          If a MRP plan is run which includes demands for MPS planned or MPS/MPP planned items, and the MRP is actually planning MPS items , then planned orders for the MPS item can be auto-released from MRP.

          However, If MPS is passes as demand schedule to MRP plan, then MRP cannot create additional supplies for an item in the MPS.


          This feature is internally controlled by looking at the item-org parameter "in_source_plan".

          During the plan snapshot phase, all items to be planned in the plan are marked as "in_source_plan" = YES.This tells the netting engine whether to create new supplies and reschedules for the item. Since an MRP plan can plan for all items, "in_source_plan" will be yes for all items with demand in the plan.


          Unless another plan (MPS) is fed as demand schedule or supply schedule to MRP , the in_source_plan is set to NO. This means MRP cannot plan them , even if additional demands are included for them.

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            Hi Leno,


            Still are you facing issue with Auto release planned Orders ?