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    ADF Mobile- Retreive value of a row on selection of Boolean Checkbox



      I have a requirement wherein i have a list item on amx page.On click of any row of the list item it navigates to different page .Now i need to add a boolean checkbox in the list wherein on it's selection different operations should take place, but in my case i'm facing some few challenges:


      1)When clicked on checkbox it navigates to different pages as per navigation added on list item .

      2) On selection of checkbox whole row value should get selected and on click of delete button it should get deleted.


      Is there any way to acheive it.Any help would be appreciated.




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          Richard Childe





          I had a similar requirement, and managed to come up with a solution that exploits the fact that when you select a checkbox that sits on a listItem, both ActionListeners (for the checkBox and the listItem) are fired. If you read my last post at the end of this thread, there's a basic explanation of how it works:








          Hope this helps,




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            I appreciate your help,  as i am new to ADF mobile can you please help with any workaround   that has to done in Bean class for selection/de-selection of checkbox.

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              I went through the post as mentioned in https://forums.oracle.com/thread/2557353, i was not able to infer much out of it as i'm completely new to ADF Mobile.According to my understanding i have :

              1)Added a column in database as chechboxflag of  VARCHAR(2)

              2) Used getter and setter for this column in java class

              3)Dropped this column as Boolean Checkbox with SelectedValue as Y and Unselected as N


              <amx:selectBooleanCheckbox value="#{bindings.flag.inputValue}"  valueChangeListener="#{viewScope.Checkbox.getCheckboxValue}" id="sbc1"

                                                       inlineStyle="margin:0px 0px -20px -29px;"/>


              4)ValueChangeListerener of that Checkbox is associated with a Managed Bean class.

              Below is the snippet of the code written in Managed Bean class:


                  public void getCheckboxValue(ValueChangeEvent valueChangeEvent) {

                      ValueExpression ve =AdfmfJavaUtilities.getValueExpression("#{viewScope.flag}",String.class);   

                                        ve.setValue(AdfmfJavaUtilities.getAdfELContext(), "Value Changed!");





                              Trace.log(Utility.ApplicationLogger, Level.INFO, Checkbox.class, "ValueChangeHandler",

                                   "##############Inside ValueChangeHandler");

                              AmxAttributeBinding attrBinding = (AmxAttributeBinding) ve.getValue(AdfmfJavaUtilities.getAdfELContext());

                                                  AmxIteratorBinding amxListIterator = attrBinding.getIteratorBinding();

                                                  BasicIterator listIterator =  (BasicIterator)amxListIterator.getCurrentRow();

                              //                           RowIterator ri = listIterator.getCurrentIndex()("flag")


                              boolean isSelected = ((Boolean)valueChangeEvent.getNewValue()).booleanValue();


                                               int i = 0;

                                          Row row = null;


                              //                    //            System.out.println("Changing row 1: " +

                              //                    //              row.getAttribute("Name"));

                                          System.out.println("xdebug c2: Changing row 2: " +




                                          row.setAttribute("Flag", "Y");


                                          row.setAttribute("Flag", "N");











                       //   private DCBindingContainer getBindings() {

                        /      return (DCBindingContainer)BindingContext.getCurrent().getCurrentBindingsEntry();


                      //    }


                  //    }


              But when i click on my checkbox it throws error saying Error : Unable to invoke method getCheckboxValue() in mobile.Checkbox class.


              Please let me where am i going wrong, any help would be appreciated.