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    cn=changelog , view "changes" attribute value




      I am using the following command to pull up changelog entries, however I am wondering how we can view "changes" attribute value, to me it appears to be encrypted/binary. I am able to view it via softerra browser, but I would like to do it via command line  Also, I would like to capture and process the change. Is there any tool to perform that?

      # ldapsearch -T -h localhost -p 10636 -Z -P ../../alias/slapd-cert8.db -D "cn=Directory Manager" -j ~/dirt -b cn=changelog -s sub "(changenumber=1)"

      version: 1

      dn: changenumber=1,cn=changelog

      objectClass: top

      objectClass: changelogentry

      targetDn: uid=scarter, ou=People, dc=example,dc=com

      changeTime: 20131004111916Z

      changeType: modify

      changes:: cmVwbGFjZTogbWFpbAptYWlsOiB0ZXN0LWxvZ0BleGFtcGxlLmNvbQotCnJlcGxhY2U6IG1vZGlmaWVyc25hbWUKbW9kaWZpZXJzbmFtZTogY249ZGlyZWN0b3J5IG1hbmFnZXIKLQpyZXBsYWNlOiBtb2RpZnl0aW1lc3RhbXAKbW9kaWZ5dGltZXN0YW1wOiAyMDEzMTAwNDExMTkxNloKLQoA

      changeNumber: 1