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    Mapping Report Attributes to Substitution Variables

    Walt K

      Is there somewhere in the documentation that defines what fields on the Report Attributes tab map to which Substitution Variables in the Report Template?

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          Erick Diaz



          Copying from the documentation:


          Report column templates provide you with control over the results of a row from a SQL query. This type of template defines a cell, not an entire row.


          Each report template identifies column names using the syntax #1#, #2#, #3#, and so on. You can also name columns using column name substitution syntax such as #ENAME# or #EMPNO#. You can reference any item from your application within your template. For example, to reference an item called ABC. in your template, you could include the exact substitution string &ABC.. The actual value of ABC. would be provided by an end user editing an item in your application named ABC.

          You can read more here: 13.2 Customizing Templates.


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