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    Radio Group With Submit.

    Gus C

      Apex 3.2


      I have an updateable report based on a collection.

      One of the columns is a radio group and is the only updateable column


      My code for the column is currently


      I also have a button that fires an update process.


      Ideally, I would like to get rid of the button and fire the update, after the user has changed the radio group.

      So I changed my code to




                  , seq_id

                  , c008

                  , null

                  , null

                  , null

                  , 'doSubmit(''SUBMIT'')'

                  , null

                  , null

                  , null)


      If I click on a different radio group nothing happens.

      If I then click on another one, the update fires, but with the value of the previous radio.


      Do I need to add something else to