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    Forms 11g r2 AIX occasional hangs



      Priority: Critical

      We recently upgraded for Forms 10g to 11gr2(patch set 1) on IBM AIX

      JRE 1.6.0_27

      , we recieved reports of hangs for different users occasionally after they login and whenever we clear their Java Cache , the problem would go away and the next time they log in, it would hang again.

      We added logs/trace in their JRE and this is what we found.

      In our archive line in formsweb.cfg, we have frmall.jar.... some app jars and ojdbc6.jar

      When it tries to "Disconnect connection to .....", it goes into wait for some reason.

      Many machines have the same disconnect to ojdbc6.jar issue.

      We sign the jars using oracle's sign_webutil.sh (self-signed) and there s a SSL cert(verisign) on a load balancer and that hits the 8888 http port .

      Any help is greatly appreciated..!


      network: Cache entry found [url: https://example.com/forms/java/prod_11g/ojdbc6.jar, version: null] prevalidated=false/0
      network: Connecting https://example.com/forms/java/prod_11g/ojdbc6.jar with proxy=DIRECT
      network: Connecting https://example.com/forms/java/prod_11g/ojdbc6.jar with cookie "s_pers=%20s_fid%3D1F061ACE0ABE34F1-2210DAB557512CAB%7C1443957163715%3B%20gpv_p5%3DInside%2520Lincoln%2520Financial%2520Group%2520-%2520Employee%2520Intranet%7C1380886963715%3B%20s_vnum%3D1408113782405%2526vn%253D28%7C1408113782405%3B%20s_invisit%3Dtrue%7C1380886963731%3B; utag_main=_st:1380886964208$ses_id:1380885928531%3Bexp-session; s_vi=[CS]v1|2906747B851D2055-6000012CC0013039[CE]; BIGipServerqeardis-prod_pool=UM3kq5mRnvrRSc+WrXiRiLuWllq/gnOnKbXUI6yw136qV2UVGoINXGGernLPcgWiLfTdhncgqf773Yk=; show_warning=true"
      network: ResponseCode for https://example.com/forms/java/prod_11g/ojdbc6.jar : 304
      network: Encoding for https://example.com/forms/java/prod_11g/ojdbc6.jar : null
      network: Disconnect connection to https://example.com/forms/java/prod_11g/ojdbc6.jar

      at java.lang.Object.wait(Native Method)

      at sun.plugin2.message.Queue.waitForMessage(Unknown Source)

      at sun.plugin2.message.Pipe.receive(Unknown Source)

      at sun.plugin2.main.server.HeartbeatThread.run(Unknown Source)