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    EM 11g not collecting metrics for generic services




      I'm a newbie trying to use Enterprise Manager grid control 11g to model some systems and services I wish to monitor. My goal is to get data about the availability and performance of the systems and services (in a window of time), the problem is after I created them I get no data in the metrics I defined, all charts are blank. I even manage to set a dashboard very similar to this image, but of course everything in the performance and usage columns is in zeros. Reading this oracle note it says I have to set some beacons to run tests, however when I created the services that part was skipped, I thought it was optional for some more deep data gathering, so it is strictly necessary to configure some tests?


      If that so, I'm really confused with what tests I should configure and which I should not. I'm monitoring a lot of types of  I wish to collect basic metrics about UpDown Status, CPU usage, Memory usage, Disc space, Active Sessions for some OC4J instances, Active Threads for some JVM instances and Connections in use for some targets with Datasource. Any guidance or advise over this topic is accepted.


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          Has this issue ever been addressed?  I am having similar situations in 12c Release 3.  Metrics get populated in the charts of generic and aggregate services...MOST of the time, but a lot of the times they are inaccurate.  I have a collection of 3 weblogic servers put together as a generic system/service.  All 3 are up and running, yet the generic service Usage metric I created to look at the "Status" of all 3 servers in a SUM, is still showing 2.  It shows the 3 servers as up with no alerts, but the metric only reads 2 on the chart and takes around an hour to update.  The Generic system and the Weblogic targets themselves show an UP status just fine...but this specific metric is wrong.  I have tried to recreate it and it did not change it.