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    certification reimbursement




      I found from my experience that System Integrators are geneally generous for certification reimbursement of their employees since they need to show their clients number of certified associates, but many big financial/banks/e-commerce/automobile companies are not reimbursing oracle certifications. Do you also find similar situation?...I think , for an aspiring oracle DBA it is very important to find an employer who reimburse certifications.However, I found many fortune 500 companies are not reimbursing certifications. Can anyone enlighten me about this?..Where can I found employers list who reimburse Oracle certifications?





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          some, many, most employers do think the Certificate is not worth the paper upon which it is printed.

          If YOU are unwilling to pay for it yourself, then YOU value it at zero yourself.

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            i.e, you mean to say oracle dba certifications have minimal value in job market? But, most of the job requirements mention OCP certification preferred. Why so?




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              Why are YOU unwilling to absorb the cost of OCP yourself?


              >But, most of the job requirements mention OCP certification preferred.

              I disagree that "most of the job requirements mention OCP certification preferred."


              what percentage of those companies that mention OCP certification preferred actually reimburse for obtaining certificate?

              If company wants OCP but are unwilling to reimburse, then they are hypocrites; too.


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                Hemant K Chitale

                >reimbursing oracle certifications

                Are you talking of

                (a) Reimbursing Course Fees


                (b) Reimbursing Exam Fees


                If my employer doesn't reimburse Exam Fees, I wouldn't be concerned -- I would pay the Exam Fees myself (and have been doing so all these years).



                Hemant K Chitale

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                  A certification is meant for you, it's your credential. I am not sure that your rant about companies not financing the certification fees for their employees is justified. If you get it done, good. If not, it's not a bad act of your company. Contrary to what you say, I have seen many shops actually paying for their employees OCM exam fee , if they pass it. For other exams, it's your choice to go or not to go for the certification. And if you are willing to go for it but unwilling to pay for it from your own pocket and are unhappy that your company is not paying for it, well. in a polite manner, you better not go for the certification.



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                    In some cases, this is negotiable before hiring.  Most fortune 500 companies have educational benefits.  Some have deals with educational providers to certify their people.  Some leave it to managerial discretion what to do with a training budget.  Some just say this is a free market, if you want to invest in yourself, go right ahead.


                    It very often is counterproductive in the long and medium term not to support employees in their goals (or worse, make them state goals and not pay), but the decision is often made by green MBA's overly focused on cost analysis rather than goodwill and non-quantifiable benefits.  You are standardized cog, deal with it, or go somewhere smaller that does it better.  There are no lists.

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                      Different companies and even within different departments within the same company makes its own policies. Why would there be a standard and it is rather implausible that some external party would maintain such a list of companies. How would external parties know about internal company policies?


                      Treat your education as an investment in your career. Some companies sponsor some don't. Some make you sign up a bond period after being burned by ex-employees who resigned and left right after getting their company-sponsored training. If this makes a difference to you, it would be advisable to talk to your superiors or HR.