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    Oaf question


      Hi actually i need to modify a msg in a page and i taken .class folder from the top and i placed in the myprojects and myclass folder and

      when i am doing extensions to the CO to modify the msg its getting error the path is a not valid base class?

      can anyone tell me the solution how to modify the msg.

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          Hi Chintu,


          Please copy your Supported  .class files to Proper Jdev Home folder Path.

          Refer below link for more understanding on Controller Extension.







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            Hi Chintu ,


            Looking at your requirement I can suggest you the below solutions


            1.  Do You want to change a message, isn't it ?

                 If it a Message, then you can change it without going to extension of the Controller.

                 Try this , execute the below query

                 select * from  fnd_new_messages where MESSAGE_TEXT like '%Put here the Message you are trying to alter%'

                 Get the message Message_name , go to Oracle AOL -> Application Developer -> Messaage - > Query and Change it.


            2. If you want to extended the controller, then your extended class should be in Custom Top

            Means refer the below lines


            oracle.apps.irc.candidateSelfService.webui.EmployeeInfoCO; // Oracle Controller Class


            then your custom class should be created as below


            XXCUSTTOP.oracle.apps.irc.candidateSelfService.webui.XX_EmployeeInfoCO; //


            Develop your custom controller and copy the class file to the folder located in $JAVA_TOP/XXCUSTTOP/oracle.apps.irc.candidateSelfService.webui.


            Bounce the application server and test it.




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              Thanks Raghu.