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    APEX workspace login issue due to restricted IP address

    Tushar Lapani

      Hi everyone!!!

      I am using Apex 4.2 on Oracle 11g database on Linux platform .We are using Glassfish server as Middle tier. To prevent access from unauthorized IP address,I logged in to APEX workspace Administator account  and  then i went to MANAGE INSTANCE-->SECURITY-->RESTRICTED IP ADDRESS.  Where I entered one IP address (which was dynamic as i was using Internet through Dongle). Now I couldn't  access Developer Login page and also Admin login page as I am not getting same IP address from internet service provider. While the application is accessible anywhere as end user. That is i can't connect into workspace as developer but can access application as end User.


      I found one solution on internet and then i tried it but it doesn't working. I did following steps to resolve restricted IP address issue.

      1. Login as sysdba

      2. Alter session set current_schema=apex_040200







                          The procedure executes successfully but when I try to open URL http://server:8080/apex  OR   http://server:8080/apex/apex_admin. It throws error

      HTTP Status 404 - Not Found.


      So, plz let me know what are the possible solutions.