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    In Service Contract Create_Bill_Schedule API, posting wrong value for billing schedule type 'E' (Equal Amount).


      Hi All,

      I am using oks_contracts_pub.Create_Bill_Schedule for creating billing schedule for my service contract.
      For Top level its working fine, but for Equal Level, the level amount which I am passing is being multiplied by the line amount and showing as such in output screen under subline.
      The logic they have provided there in API is , level amount = (Level amount * line amount) / Line amount.

      But when line amount is zero,the logic is  level amount = (Level amount * line amount) / 1.


      Line amount is taken from negotiated amount from line, whose value is always zero and populated only when QA Check is done.


      So as a end result I m getting the value always as multpiled amount of level and line.


      Please suggest any workaround or solution If i am doing anything wrong.