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    Email Protocol


      Hello everyone,


      I have a little question for you guys hope you can help me as soon as possible.

      i dont have any knowledge about oracle mail configuration (Sun Fire V445) i am a new system administrator.

      My boss lately asked me to find out how to let an email sent from our domain ,instead of going outside to the internet directly, to be sent to another server of a specific IP not the internet.

      Please help it is urgent, i am using linux in putty shell.

      thank you for your support.

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          You have posted this to a hardware forum.

          You do not have a hardware question.

          Your question is outside the scope of this forum space.


          Just because you have a V445 doesn't mean you have placed this in the proper forum.


          When you figure out what you are actually using as an email software, you can place a new post in whatever other forum space deals with that software.


          This off-topic thread is locked.