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    Virtual Assembly Builder forum is locked. Which forum should be used instead?


      The actual forum for Oracle Virtual Assembly Builder seems to be locked and not allowing new conversations.


      Have 3 DEVOPS provided OEL 6 VM's. Have OVAB 12 installed on each of them. One is running Oracle, one is running WebLogic Server 12C. Have attempted introspection from each host via the remote mechanism and 1 for each using the local mechanism on respective hosts. Using Oracle JDK 1.7.0 on all machines


      Efforts to introspect the database instance produce the error - Wrong Oracle version in all cases. Our queries using SELECT VERSION FROM V$INSTANCE produces


      Efforts to introspect the WebLogic Server all produce "no route to host" in all cases.


      If anyone could point me to the proper forum where this ought to be posted, or alternately if anyone could help us diagnose these issues I would appreciate it greatly.